Melody Ehsani Drops First Clothing Collection For Spring 2014

          Just as I was beginning to think the sports Jersey trend is growing stale like a month old box of Strawberries, LA's finest suddenly changed my mind. Two days ago, Melody Ehsani released her debut clothing collection in store and online for Spring 2014. The collection consists of trendy graphic shirts in punchy colors, abstract prints, and clever catch phrases like "I Love ME." and "I don't play nice". Ehsani's love of Ancient Egyptian iconography is also quite apparent, with images of Cleopatra emblazoned on a few tops and a tunic dress covered in cartoon-style hieroglyphics. It is a lovely marriage of boyish and feminine. View more images after the jump:


The Naked Truth: Today's Obsession with Provocative Dressing

         Modesty is no longer mandatory but a choice; one that American women have strayed from for quite some time now. I’m not mad at that though, because we as individuals should have the option of expressing ourselves in whatever way we feel. However, there’s a fine line between self-expression and being inappropriate. These days it seems as though the line ceases to exist.


Girl Talk: 15 Worth-It Splurges for Twenty-Somethings

          So you're so broke that dinner is a free bagel from the office that you hid in your purse. Whether your idea of a splurge is $40 or $400, here are the 15 best things to drop a little extra cash on in your twenties:

1. A full bed. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — I don’t care if you are working at NASA. If you are still sleeping on that twin-sized platform of Ikea driftwood you’ve been using since sophomore year of college, you are not a grown-up. Pony up for a full. The Fl├╝rgen had a good run, y’alls. 

2. A high-quality laptop. I spent two years as an Internet writer with a six-year-old iBook that had a cracked screen. The crack became wider every day, eventually consuming the majority of the screen. UPGRADE, GUISE


NYFW Fall 2014 Style Crush: Adrienne Bailon

          Lower East Side bred Latina and former Cheetah girl Adrienne Bailon has bloomed into quite the fashion plate since the days of metallic empire shirts and ruffle mini skirts. Standing at a mere 4'11 (whoa that's tiny) she mixes trendy, urban and classic pieces to create her own signature style instead of ripping from the runway; something her taller counterparts can pull off much easier. Dressing an extremely small yet curvy figure is challenging, since the fashion industry doesn't particularly cater to 5'3" and under fashionistas like myself but Bailon makes it work. Try shopping for blouses with a short torso or maxi dresses that don't mop the floor *tears*. Her simple approach is also admirable in an arena where over-the-top triumphs. For NYFW 2014 thus far, she turned up for the shorties with fresh make-up, structured separates, and ornamental jewelry. More images after the jump.


The Lame Handbag Crisis

          Whoever said finding a great mid-range priced handbag was easy lied. A great mid-range priced bag meaning a convenient purse for everyday wear sans cheap material, unattractive hardware, and flimsy handles. Searching for one feels a lot like dating; we make a list of all the things we desire in a mate but that single flaw in the ones we meet bugs the crap out of us, even if it can be overlooked. No one is perfect, but settling is out of the question. So what's a girl to do when she has Hermes Birkin taste with a budget worth one tenth of it's price? Save herself until the right guy....I mean....bag comes along. 

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