WAH! Nails Pop Up Shop

WAH! Nails finally came to the big Apple this weekend. YES, the same WAH! salon from Britian whose much coveted nail art and uber cool digs attracts all the whos-who of the fashion world, downtown scene, and nail enthusiasts.
Come hell or high water I was going to stop through and get my crappy week-old manicure hooked up. Despite the gloomy morning weather I camped out in front 705 Washington street in the West Village like a total fiend in the first outfit I could grab. Hell, there could be a tornado and I would still be standing there just to get some polka dots...zebra print...something! Okay I'm lying but I would do some dangerous things for those pretty little masterpieces. Anywhoo the vibe was dope; I flipped through the new WAH! book while I waited, snapped some photos, gawked at UK chicks in tiny shorts, creepers, jordans, mini skirts,  colorful hair, spiked jackets, double-plated name earrings, and met some pretty cool peeps. 

This girl gave me life. I felt like a midget standing next to her, ummm those legs? Yeah....def deserved a snap shot. 
Owner Sharmadean yelled 'Put her shirt on her nails!' and so it was done. My severely dated yet fabulous vintage shirt from the 80's became one with my fingers. From ashy to classy!  The end. 

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Ms. LeBlanc said...

hey girlie! awwwww we sure was at the same event how nice!! No I need to see your SHIRT, your nails came out DOPE! i've been doing the same thing.....80's vintage designs as nail art stamps! ooow, look what you and Shar started!


and it was lovey to see my girl JULIA to the right as soon as I logged on! ;)

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